Gate Automation

We could automate an existing gate that you have or install a new gate with a bespoke system that can be linked with an audio visual entry and CCTV system. Automatic gates can be split rather broadly into two main groups - Sliding Gates and Swing Gates.

Sliding Gates

Automated sliding gates can be installed in two types - traditional sliding and cantilevered. Traditional sliding gates run on tracks, whilst cantilevered is a more suitable design for un-even level ground. To determine your choice of sliding gates there are factors you must consider:

Installation Cost - Due to the labour and equipment required, traditional gates are often cheaper to install than the alternative cantilever gates.

Ground Conditions - Where ground is not level, or where grounding is loose, soft or liable to subsidence, cantilevered gates are the best option.

Swing Gates

Electric Swing gates can be automated in a number of different methods, each depending on your application and the space you have available to you. For aesthetic reasons you may also wish to consider for our team of engineers to install underground automation which hides the motor from view.

Aesthetics - For a cleaner finish, you may wish to invest in an underground system that hides your motor from visible eye.

Ground Conditions - With most gate automations, available space dictates which system is used to power your gate. Our engineers must survey the immediate area before a solution can be found.

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